Maryland Day Fundraiser

March 25, 2020, commemorated Maryland’s beginnings as a colony 386 years ago. It also marked the Maryland Historical Society’s (MdHS) second annual Maryland Day Fundraiser. Every year, MdHS commemorates the state’s founding with a special fundraising challenge to support our stewardship of Maryland history.

Due to an overwhelmingly enthusiastic response from our supporters, we have raised $30,000 in honor of Maryland Day so far, exceeding our original fundraising goal of $20,000! And we are still going. Due to the financial pressure COVID-19 has placed on our operations, we are extending our Maryland Day Fundraiser throughout the pandemic’s impact on Maryland to raise our reserves. Your support is vitally important, as the state and federal financial relief we are pursuing remains uncertain.

Our new fundraising goal is $50,000 to help support our operating expenses during our closure. We are excited to announce that an anonymous donor is matching new donations 1:1 up to $5,000!

We are deeply grateful to our supporters during this difficult time. Your dedication humbles us and your engagement energizes us. Even with our campus closed, we are working to support all our staff, achieve our mission, and serve our communities. We will continue to collect your stories through our new Collecting in Quarantine initiative, and try to add a smile to your day through our digital outreach.

History teaches us that together we will overcome this difficult time!

Help us Raise our Reserves!